about us

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights differs from any other document or movement. Clearly establish all the criteria on which our lives should be based. This website was created as a school project by two students, but it is much more than that. All content you find here is created in cooperation with other people or is our personal opinion. The content is very reliable and is being updated.

Our mission

We want to communicate with people around the world with this medium, since there are many parts of the world that almost no one knows about human rights. Our mission is to reach as many people as possible, regardless of the social and economic realities we all share. With these rights, we can find solutions to many of the problems the world is currently facing. We want to communicate better with people in different ways. This will give us the opportunity to work with other people and spread human rights education. That is why our motto is "A sensation of burns", since human rights education can empower people trapped in

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe