Wondering what you can do to make a contribution?

There are several ways to teach human rights education. First, it is important to understand this document carefully. Start raising awareness in your family and community. So you can express yourself more clearly and find like-minded people. Later you can try to raise awareness. Try to find out if an organization in your city is working for human rights. However, keep in mind that this is a long process that requires a lot of effort for proper implementation. You can start working with others or do something yourself. This may include creating your own website, blogging, educating children, raising awareness, creating a video, etc. If you do not have time for this, contact us and we will help you find the best way to advance human rights education.

Human rights education is much more than a school lesson or a one-day theme. It is a process to provide people with the tools they need to live safely and with dignity. Let us continue working together on this International Human Rights Day to develop and promote a culture of human rights in future generations, and to promote freedom, security and peace in all nations. "In case you no longer want to progress. In case you are no longer interested in progress. In case you are no longer interested in progress.