• Shrey soral

do our daughters have security?


Today we are not writing about any nation we are just raising a question we demand strict laws and we would like to share what happened few days ago in Hyderabad. A young doctor who saved lives of the people. She was raped by 4 men according to the report one of the men punctured her two wheeler's tire and they approached her pretending to help her. The men told the police that they saw her speaking on the phone.They forced her into a bush near the toll gate. The four men raped her and when she screamed for help they poured whiskey down into her mouth in order to silence her. When the girl started coming back to her senses the men killed her they wrapped the body in a blanket and burned it with petrol. This incident has triggered criticism of the police. We can easily identify how heinous this crime is and not only strict laws should be amended but the government should ensure the security of our daughters.

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