• Shrey soral

Gross violations of Human rights in Egypt


The Egyptian government has silenced all the activists by arrests and unfair prosecution of journalists and bloggers. The parliament has passed strict laws for the LGBT community.In North Sinai, where government forces have been fighting an ISIS-affiliated group called Sinai Province the army committed flagrant abuses of residents rights that amount in certain cases to collective punishment. Beginning in January, the army launched the most intensive wave of home demolitions.


Since July 2013, Egyptian criminal courts have sentenced hundreds of people to death in cases stemming from alleged political violence. Many of those were convicted in flawed trials.Egypt is ranked sixth in highest numbers of executions and third in the largest number of death sentences in the world. In September 2018 alone, a Cairo Criminal Court handed down 75 death sentences, in a mass trial, stemming from the Raba’ dispersal events in August 2013.


Egypt hosts refugees and asylum-seekers from more than 60 countries, including Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. There is limited public information on the implementation of Egypt’s 2016 law on combating “irregular” immigration.

Egyptian authorities have arrested scores of documented and undocumented migrants and kept them in inhumane detention conditions, referring some of them to trials. Authorities have also either returned or threatened to return Sudanese, including those with refugee status, despite the likelihood that they may face persecution in Sudan.

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