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Kenya:Police executing suspects with no evidence

Police in Kenya have killed no fewer than 21 men and boys in Nairobi’s low-income areas and that to with no justification since 2018 the police have shot dead many people unlawfully this has mainly happened in Nairobi's Dandora and Mathare neighborhoods Rights activists in those neighborhoods believe that, based on the cases they know about and those reported in the media, police have unlawfully killed many more in the past year. Under Kenyan and international law, the police should only intentionally use lethal force when it is strictly unavoidable to protect life.

police in Mathare shot dead seven men who they said were involved in crime, without apparent justification for using lethal force The men were not armed , did not resist arrest, and had either surrendered or were being held by the officers at the time of the killing.

In May 2017, the community organization in Mathare documented killings of 57 men men and women, allegedly for links to crime, in Mathare alone in one year. Independent Medico Legal Unit and the Kenyan human rights commission , both Nairobi based human rights organizations, and the Kenya national commission on human rights, a state funded constitutional institution, have over the years reported the killings by the police in the low income areas.

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