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Our pen on Turkey


Hello and welcome to our site and yes you must have noticed by the title today we are talking about Turkey.Preventing the violation of human rights should be the number one priority for Turkey this should include taking feasible precautions and Turkey should ensure that all the civilians can flee the fighting in northeastern Syria safely without any injuries.All parties which control the northeastern part of Syria should ensure that the people who are stuck and cannot leave should not be harassed and there should be no arbitrary arrests since turkey has done this in the past.


Turkey has a history of unlawful killings and there are risks of these killings again in this military operation happening in northeastern side of Syria and people need humanitarian assistance in northeastern Syria.But it does not end here.


Turkey has been constantly hiding the Armenian genocide from the world and even threatens nations not to recognize it but problems have started to increase for turkey since the US house has officially recognized this genocide Turkey is facing problems since then.Turkey has been targeting press for a long time and this has increased.


The international press freedom watchdog Freedom House ranks Turkey’s press as ‘not free’ and the country is ranked 151 out of 181 countries for freedom of information in 2016.


Violations of the rights of LGBT community is also no secret despite Istanbul hosting the Middle East’s largest gay pride parade each year. Homophobia is still common and, even if homosexuality is not illegal, institutional discrimination still exists. Gay men are exempt from national service but are forced to provide ‘evidence’ of their sexuality, often in the form of videos or photographs of them engaged in homosexual acts. Employers have the right to demand to see the green card issued to discharged conscripts but gay men are issued with pink exemption cards,facilitating further discrimination among the citizens.I hope you must have got to know something new today and we hope to convey more information to you all

Thanks for reading and FEEL THE BURN.

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