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Zimbabwe's Political and Economic Situation | Feel The Burn

Continued protests in Zimbabwe as people still struggle due to Political and Economic situations

Robert Mugabe is probably the one person that everyone would blame for the current economic situation in Zimbabwe. The president spent 37 years at the office and violated almost every human right. Many people took a sigh when Mugabe passed away on September 6th, 2019. 'He left us in this mess': the streets of Harare reacted to Mugabe's death.

Mugabe's economic mismanagement, corruption, tyranny and incompetence lead to the worst economic situation Zimbabwe has ever experienced. But why did the person who brought independence to Zimbabwe became a villan for the civilians?

Mugabe never showed his desire to step down as the president. He did not even fight elections fairly. At times, he would attack opposition supporters and do almost every thing he possibly can to remain in power. Many claim that never understood how modern economy worked. He lost his first election in 2000 but after that he unleashed his personal militia and security forces to increase violence and somehow win the second round of the elections. Something similar had happened in 2008. The killings and torture of opposition members are the biggest human rights violations that he has committed. He also reformed policies in such ways that always benefited him. Most of the Zimbabweans starting hating him after what happened at Gukurahundi. This was a series of massacres against the civilians by Zimbabwe National Army between the year 1983 to 1987. Its reported that nearly 30,000 people were killed in this event. The attack strategies used were pogrom, torture and genocide. Mugabe refused to ever apologise for this crime and blamed teh opposition party for it.

Zimbabwe after Mugabe

Emmerson Mnangagwa, has taken over the nation after Mugabe. His party has promised the civilians a different ideology. Many claim that he is the right person for the economic reform in the nation but the government spending has gone down massively. People don't have access to pure drinking water, fuel, power and inflation is the highest in Zimbabwe at 180% compared to any other nation in the world. All of this resembles that Mugabe era. The basic needs of the civilians are not being fulfilled. The situation in the country is as such that many don't believe in the current regimes and starting to move out to other nations. The nation desperately requires a collective effort of all the parties of the nation.

Current situation in Zimbabwe

Currently, the people of Zimbabwe suffer a great deal. There are regular power cuts, no jobs, protest and the people are deprived of almost every facility that is a basic necessity. Recently, the regime has fired 77 doctors due to them going on a strike over wages and facilities. The doctors claim that its been over an year since they requested the government for basic equipment required in hospitals but no one has ever contacted them. They had no other choice but to go on strike.

The protest are not only being done by doctors but also by workers all over the nation. On 6th Nov, civil servants went on a strike for better wages. Their negotiations with the government were of no help. Many of them earn around $70 month which is too less considering that the nation has world's highest inflation rate. Their salary has been cut down by nearly $400 compared to last year. However, it seems that the government has no intention of providing better salary to the workers.

The living conditions in the nation are deteriorating. The civilians are living in fear, frustration and depression. The authorities in the nation have vested interest and economy seems to be suffering due to this. There was a time when the inflation had hit 300% in a nation where people don't even have jobs. To satisfy their basic needs, many go to the extent of robbing others. There has been an increase in crime all over the nations. The current regime has also faced protests from the civilians. Many of them even turned violent due to security crackdowns that lead to killing of people. The situation in this highly literate nation is disgraceful.

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